Cloud Solutions

The solution is in the cloud

We offer the cloud capacity on Azure and productivity services on M365. We design your cloud architecture and optimise, supervise and maintain your cloud environment every day of the year.

We help with cloud deployment by consulting, planning the control model, and executing migrations if needed e.g. from an old data centre.

Avanio is a migrations trailblazer, and we have developed our own tool CloudOnMove®, which has been widely patented on major continents. With our diverse skillset we do not have to settle for ready-made solutions and we can create our own when necessary.

Cloud Deployment

Migration from old to new, updating old solutions for the cloud or developing a completely new solution. We can do all this. What would fit your needs?

Cloud Administration

We offer a continuous monitoring, administration, budget management, updates and much more. We offer different level administration service packages.

Cloud Strategy and Architecture

We have designed and seen many cloud architectures both in large enterprises as well as small startups. We can take your specific needs into account

Cloud Capacity and Licenses

We offer Azure and M365 licences, not forgetting the Dynamics product family. When needed, our service offering can widen to further Microsoft license selection