Cloud Administration

Cloud maintenance and optimization may feel cumbersome and frustrating. With us this feeling will remain in the past!

We maintain your cloud environment comprehensively whether it was built in a traditional data centre, a public cloud or a hybrid environment. Our cloud maintenance service will be tailored to suit your needs, however as a basis it can include everything from building the cloud architecture to monitoring the environment, budget management, updating and customer service.


Continuous stability

We monitor your cloud environment continuously and fix emerging issues quickly. Your environment will remain up and working continuously!

Support from knowledgeable staff

We have plenty of experience from cloud services, meaning our skilled experts support you with issues related to your cloud environment

Ensuring security

We will build your environment to be secure from the very beginning, additionally we continuously monitor who has access to your cloud services



The customer experience is a matter of honor for us


We provide a quick response to your service requests


We have a long history of expertise in cloud solutions

Cloud Deployment

Migration from old to new, updating old solutions for the cloud or developing a completely new solution. We can do all this. What would fit your needs?

Cloud Administration

We offer a continuous monitoring, administration, budget management, updates and much more. We offer different level administration service packages

Cloud Strategy and Architecture

We have designed and seen many cloud architectures both in large enterprises as well as small startups. We can take your specific needs into account

Cloud Capacity and Licenses

We offer Azure and M365 licences, not forgetting the Dynamics product family. When needed, our service offering can widen to further Microsoft license selection