Cloud deployment

Are you deploying your cloud for the first time, or would you like to move from one cloud to another? We can help!

If you are moving your IT-environment to the cloud for the first time, we recommend designing the cloud strategy and architecture before the actual deployment process. However, if you are familiar with cloud services, we can begin straight away! We can move large amounts of virtual machines to the cloud and from cloud to another efficiently and safely with our patented migration tool. Our professionals will be deploying the cloud reliably, efficiently and safely. Our consultants will advise with deploying with the right resources and tools and if needed, will maintain your business’s cloud environment


Fast service deployment

Deploying services quickly is the central benefit of cloud services. Your new services will become available by only a click of a button!

Notable cost savings

Cloud services are usually paid by usage, so you won’t have to commit to resources for years to come.

Easy deployment of new technologies

Many new technologies have got their start in a public cloud as these highly productised services are fast to deploy



Customer experience is a matter of honor for us


Avanio is a pioneer in cloud technology


We have designed a patented migration tool that makes migrations efficient and secure

Cloud Deployment

Migration from old to new, updating old solutions for the cloud or developing a completely new solution. We can do all this. What would fit your needs?

Cloud Administration

We offer a continuous monitoring, administration, budget management, updates and much more. We offer different level administration service packages

Cloud Strategy and Architecture

We have designed and seen many cloud architectures both in large enterprises as well as small startups. We can take your specific needs into account

Cloud Capacity and Licenses

We offer Azure and M365 licences, not forgetting the Dynamics product family. When needed, our service offering can widen to further Microsoft license selection