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Although not every day, we still do desktop software for Windows, Mac and Linux. Every now and then we build WordPress or CraftCMS sites also.

It’s always fun to learn something completely new, so if you ever have a need for a software that doesn’t match our listed technologies, ask us anyway. We know we can do that too.

We also do a wide range of other software development, such as desktop development and embedded systems. Contact us and ask us for any service you need – we will be happy to help!

Desktop development refers to the development of applications for computers. We develop for Windows, Linux and macOS.

An embedded system is a device or hardware that contains electronics, specifically designed software and possibly some mechanics. An embedded system is designed to implement a predefined task to be done in the same way every time. Functionality of the devices is thus achieved in an inexpensive, energy-efficient manner.



We possess comprehensive knowledge and the ability to perceive the overall picture


We are a reliable partner with whom cooperation goes smoothly


Customer experience is a matter of honor for us

Web Solutions

We build browser-based applications with different varieties of frontend and backend technologies, such as: React, Vue, Node.js, Mongo, SQL Database, .NET Core, Docker, Kubernetes

Mo­bile Development

Mobile is a platform worth taking advantage of. With us, you create usable and functional mobile solutions.
We implement native solutions for iOS / Android-platforms as well as cross-platforms


We help you automate software production functions into a seamless whole.
We have GitHub, Azure DevOps, Docker, Kubernetes and more.

Other Software Solutions

Didn´t find what you were looking for? We also do a lot more, such as desktop development and embedded systems. Just ask and we will help!