Top notch web software!

“Front or Back – it doesn´t matter.”

Our fullstack gurus conjure codes at both ends. We naturally use the technology the customer wants, but we always recommend the most appropriate technology, taking into consideration further development and the future.

Once the software is ready, it has to work too! That’s where we’re at our best – our tools monitor, control and alert when needed. Software also works during Eastern holidays, unlike those whose software is out of surveillance. We recommend Azure as a cloud environment, and of course, you can get Azure capacity from us.

Web solutions are browser-based applications that combine both browser and server side development. We build solutions with great design in mind and we always use the most suitable front end and back end technology for each individual need.
The development of web solutions is easily achieved by utilizing a competent partner who does what is promised.

We help your business with web solutions, whether it´s a small or large project. With our extensive expertise, we work together to design a solution that supports your business in the best possible way.


Saving resources

With Web solutions, you don’t have to acquire heavy hardware to maintain software or numerous systems nor perform time-consuming updates.

Solution is easy to maintain

Thanks to the web-based application, you´ll avoid making updates for each user individually.

System independence

The web solution is available regardless of the system you are using: whether you are running Windows, Linux or Mac, the application works well in all of them.



We possess comprehensive full stack expertise


We know how to choose just the right technologies


Customer experience is a matter of honor for us

Web Solutions

We build browser-based applications with different varieties of frontend and backend technologies, such as: React, Vue, Node.js, Mongo, SQL Database, .NET Core, Docker, Kubernetes

Mo­bile Development

Mobile is a platform worth taking advantage of. With us, you create usable and functional mobile solutions.
We implement native solutions for iOS / Android-platforms as well as cross-platforms


We help you automate software production functions into a seamless whole.
We have GitHub, Azure DevOps, Docker, Kubernetes and more.

Other Software Solutions

Didn´t find what you were looking for? We also do a lot more, such as desktop development and embedded systems. Just ask and we will help!