Integrations with modern solutions

ERP systems such as Microsoft Dynamics can be seamlessly integrated with existing processes and systems through integrations and interfaces. These integrations secure the flow of information between systems. The wider the amount of different systems and information, the greater the benefits of sensibly implemented integrations.

Integrations help reduce the amount of manual work and errors. The core benefit of a modern cloud age solution is the huge number of ready-made interfaces that can be deployed on a fast schedule.

With the help of our experts, we are able to define the right interfaces and make the integrations.


Quick start-up

Dynamics include ready-made interfaces, which means that the implementation of integrations is fast and the ready-made system can be put in to use quickly.

Simple information architecture system

The integration of information systems with each other dismantles data silos and simplifies the system architecture.

Reduced manual work and data errors

With the help of integrations, amount of manual operation is decreased and at the same time the number of data errors is reduced.



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Dynamics Integrations

Do you want to integrate your existing systems into a working entity? We implement integrations between any systems reliably

IoT Solutions

With the help of IoT solutions, you can collect and analyze data valuable for your business. You can make use of
artificial intelligence as well as data analytics and remote control devices


API development ensures that integrations work and data flows between systems

IoT Station

With the IoT Station system, you can monitor the status of your iot devices and control them in real time