Cloud Strategy and Architecture

Let’s work together to define the future and implementation of your cloud environment

We have strong experience in implementing cloud strategy and attaching it as part of a business’s operation and overall strategy. Our architects scope the right direction and implementation with you. We give recommendations for improvement and optimization of your cloud environment so that you will reap the most benefits out of it.

What is a cloud strategy? Should we have one?

Absolutely! A cloud strategy helps with understanding the future of the business’s IT environment and works as a guideline for developing the environment. With a well-planned strategy the most economical solutions can be chosen, and the business goals can be supported.

The business’s current applications architecture should be mapped out first. Based on the analysis of the present the strengths and weaknesses of the current situation can be estimated and potential future challenges and opportunities can be detected. With cloud strategy we will stay one step ahead and we’ll be able to intervene future challenges before they realise.

You can be surprised about how many of your business’s environments and processes can be moved to the cloud or even automated. With our help you can create a working cloud strategy to boost your performance.


Easier decision-making with your IT infrastructure and applications

When different options and their effects are mapped, it is easier to choose the options that take the big picture to the right direction

Ability to evaluate current partners’ service range and expertise

When it is known what kind of support services and experts are needed, you will be able to evaluate the current partners’ services and how well they support your own future needs. Are the current partners enough or are new resources needed?

Business expectations are considered

Often businesses have expectations for project timelines and the ease of developing. These expectations are taken into account in your cloud strategy!

Cloud architecture should be considered whether you are an expert cloud user or only moving to the cloud. If you are planning on moving to the cloud, our professionals will assist you with planning and executing a fitting cloud architecture. If you are already using cloud services, we will help you to evaluate the present architecture. We will ensure your cloud environment’s security, performance and cost efficiency, so that you will receive the best possible benefit out of your cloud. You will receive a comprehensive report on the improvement targets and suggestions for measures to improve your cloud environment.


Ensuring your cloud safety

We will build your cloud environment to be secure from the beginning or we can help to identify new vulnerabilities

Performance improvement

We will investigate potential performance improvements so that you can boost the performance of your cloud services

Optimizing the cost efficiency

We will examine your cloud service’s costs and suggest measures to improve your efficiency



The customer experience is a matter of honor for us


We have a long history of expertise in cloud solutions


We possess comprehensive knowledge and the ability to perceive the overall picture

Cloud Deployment

Migration from old to new, updating old solutions for the cloud or developing a completely new solution. We can do all this. What would fit your needs?

Cloud Administration

We offer a continuous monitoring, administration, budget management, updates and much more. We offer different level administration service packages.

Cloud Strategy and Architecture

We have designed and seen many cloud architectures both in large enterprises as well as small startups. We can take your specific needs into account

Cloud Capacity and Licenses

We offer Azure and M365 licences, not forgetting the Dynamics product family. When needed, our service offering can widen to further Microsoft license selection