Finland’s most experienced Azure IoT developers

IoT Solutions collect valuable data for your business and turn it into usable information.
With real-time measurement and analysis, huge data sets can be organized into usable metrics.
IoT solutions can be used in different ways in many industries – just ask and we’ll tell you more!

We design and implement IoT solutions tailored to your company’s needs from start to finish.
By utilizing RFID and laser technologies we make production monitoring and quality assurance easy and in real-time.

Our team members were the first to use Azure IoT Hub 7 years ago. Since then our experience has grown and technology advanced plenty.


Streamlining processes

IoT provides real-time information about the process, allowing you to react to anomalies as well as prevent process from disruptions.

New business opportunities

Options for data collection and possibilities for utilizing the collected data are endless.

Data to support decision making

Data-based information helps business management make more informed and accurate decisions..



IoT Solutions are our specialty


We are a reliable partner with whom cooperation goes smoothly


Customer experience is a matter of honor for us

Dynamics Integrations

Do you want to integrate your existing systems into a working entity? We implement integrations between any systems reliably

IoT Solutions

With the help of IoT solutions, you can collect and analyze data valuable for your business. You can make use of
artificial intelligence as well as data analytics and remote control devices


API development ensures that integrations work and data flows between systems

IoT Station

With the IoT Station system, you can monitor the status of your iot devices and control them in real time