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With the help of design services, you ensure the ease of use, functionality and attractiveness of your digital product. Our design services are easily combined into a larger software project to give you just the right ensemble.

User experience and user interface design are often seen as an extra expense in a software development project, although in reality the opposite is true. Professionally conducted design can save resources during and after the project.
Well executed design prevents user interface problems and eliminates factors that degrade the user experience. What are the benefits of a software that users canĀ“t operate properly because the lack of proper UI and UX?

Is it still unclear what advantages the user experience and user interface design brings?
Have a go and try to fill out the form on the following site (you will soon notice that UX/UI design was NOT used in making this form):


User Experience Design (UX)

UX describes users experience and interaction with a product or a service. At Avanio we design the digital products so that use of the product goes smoothly and intuitively. User experience design is a part of comprehensive service design, taking into account not only the user interface but also the brand of the company.

User Interface Design (UI)

UI means a graphical user interface that you can see, for example, when withdrawing money from an ATM, borrowing and returning library books as a self-service, or ordering food by phone. User interface design focuses on the design and refinement of components such as buttons, fonts, and interactions. UX and UI are often mentioned together because they are
closely related: each focuses on the user, the interaction, and the product.

Graphic Design

Graphic design can be a part of user interface design, considering the color, size, and location of each component, as well as the style of the font. However, graphic design is also needed when creating a logo and look for the product being designed. With Avanio, the system can be designed from scratch or the user interface components can be obtained ready-made using different libraries.

Service Design

Do you know the users of your service? Service design methods are used at Avanio as part of user experience design.

With the help of service design methods, the service can be designed to meet the needs of users. The software designed by Avanio are based on initial surveys and data collection using service design methods.
The service design methods we often like to use are user paths, user personalities and scenarios, co-design workshops as well as interviews.

User Testing

User testing evaluates the product used by testing it with potential users.
User testing can be performed on a small or larger scale at any stage of design or implementation. Testing throughout the production process helps direct resources to the right places. Resources spent on user testing will pay back in the working hours of programmers and designers and as a better user satisfaction rate.

Instead of users, testing can also be performed by a knowledgeable tester familiar with usability. This provides a detailed assessment of the software under test with possible bug lists and suggested fixes.



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