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How to choose your O365 or Microsoft Azure license provider?

Many different companies sell Microsoft Azure and Office 365 licenses, and the offered service packages may seem rather identical at first sight. It probably isn’t rare to therefore purchase the licenses from the first firm that happens to offer them. However, there is in fact remarkable variance in license prices and support services depending on the reseller, and consequently it’s quite wise to put some time into the choosing process. This being said, don’t worry if you hadn’t realized this earlier – switching the licenses from one reseller to another is probably as easy as switching your mobile phone subscription.

As a Microsoft license reseller, we want to offer comprehensive and fluent service. In addition to supplying licenses we also develop software and cloud-based solutions. Majority of our crew have developed their skills as Microsoft employees. In fact, our competence on Microsoft applications and particularly Azure is high enough to have earned us Microsoft Gold Partnership and tier 1 reseller status. So, how can you benefit from this? We offer extensive support and technical consultation if problems are to occur. Our customers receive help fast and effortlessly without getting stuck in an endless limbo of hierarchies and procedures. We believe that the compact size of our company also contributes to achieving this kind of customer experience.

When choosing your license reseller, it’s undoubtedly important to also focus on pricing in addition to the support services. A monthly license fee may not break your bank but by optimizing these running costs the yearly saving can be quite significant. By purchasing from a tier 1 reseller, you will avoid unnecessary middlemen in the supply chain which essentially results in a lower price. Since we’ve built the switching process incredibly easy and invisible for the end user, even small savings should motivate you to consider your choice of the license supplier. Our O365 lisences are of CSP type, which means that the billing is easily understandable and adapts flexibly based on your organisation’s changing needs.

We think that using Microsoft licenses should make your organization’s work easier and we build our license service based on this notion. Each of our license customers gets access to our handmade Partner Center. The Partner Center enables you for example to add a new O365 license for a new employee and inspect Azure licenses based on their Resource groups. We believe that using our services shouldn’t be complicated but rather facilitate efficient working. Doesn’t this sound pretty good? Here’s a small demonstration on how our customer portal works:

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d like an offer customized to your company or more information on our services.

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