Our own product, CloudOnMove is a game changer in the migration business. It serves all your business’ cloud needs: migrations to cloud and between cloud service providers, multi-cloud management and disaster recovery.

With CloudOnMove the migrations are easier, faster and more cost-efficient than ever before.

We are also experienced in more special migration projects that do not require use of CloudOnMove, but rather application-level manual work. For example TFS to Azure DevOps -migration with a need for SQL server update and application level updates is one of such migrations. Even in these kinds of projects where the use of CloudOnMove is not required, it really helps as we can start by copying the source machine to the cloud creating a backup at the same time. Then we can proceed with migration, and the maintenance break will be much shorter than with other solutions.

Check out our contact page and ask for more information. We are happy to help you find the best and most efficient migration solution. Janne Koskinen is the best person to contact with migration-related matters.

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