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AJR Solutions – Your trusted partner

Valentine’s Day gives us a great opportunity to talk about partnerships. We work everyday to be a trustworthy and long-lasting partner to our clients and other business partners.

AJR Solutions have just received the best possible Composite Credit Appraisal from the internationally known Dun & Bradstreet company. In addition, we hold Bisnode’s AAA credit rating for the third consecutive year and are part of Vastuu Group’s Responsible Partner program. These achievements communicate AJR Solution’s minimal credit risk: Our financial figures and payment records are above average, and the company is operating on a steady base.

Dun & Bradstreet’s Credit Appraisal level 1 and AAA credit rating: Achieving the best level of two different credit ratings tells both Finnish and international companies about AJR Solution’s excellent operational quality and stability as well as the ability to comply with financial obligations. For instance, only 2,7 % of Finnish companies receive the AAA credit rating score.

Responsible Partner (Luotettava Kumppani): According to the Finnish law, companies making subcontracting agreements must check their partners’ compliance of legal requirements. AJR Solutions are part of the Responsible Partner program which helps our clients to always get an up-to-date and reliable report on our company.

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