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Remote work with MS Office

In addition to causing other major problems, coronavirus complicates the everyday life of both smaller and larger companies. Work needs to be reorganized and many customers stay home in order to prevent the virus from spreading. At AJR Solutions we want to offer small help to companies who could benefit from better remote work tools. Therefore, we offer a free month of MS Office license subscription to all new customers during the month of March 2020, and we are more than happy to also help our existing customers in making use of all the benefits that the MS Office programs offer. One essential remote work tool is Microsoft Teams which is included in many license packages.

Here are a few tips on how to use Microsoft Teams effectively:

  1. Microsoft Teams is integrated with other Office programs. Therefore, you can easily for example share files from your personal OneDrive and forward emails to your Teams channels.
  2. Teams enables you to hold large video meetings with up to 250 participants. However, if you wish to reach an even larger audience you can switch to Teams Live Event with up to 10.000 participants.
  3. Teams is a great tool to also stay in contact with partners outside your organization. You can invite people to join a meeting by using the Outlook calendar invitation or by adding a phone number to the meeting.
  4. You can record important meetings and the recordings are automatically saved to the Stream service.
  5. Teams chats and channels have many customizing options. You can for example, add apps and functionalities such as Trello boards or Power BI reports as tabs to a chat.

Give us a call, and let’s see how we could help your organization in shifting to remote work. You can find our contact details here and more information on MS Office licenses here. We wish you all the best in fighting it through these difficult times!

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